Remember Disco?  Me, too!  I was a recording engineer “back in the day” working with amazing artists like the BEE GEES, KENNY LOGGINS, BARBRA STREISAND, CHERYL LYNN, PRINCE, GIORGIO MORODER, and a host of other A-List musicians.  I was also an Electronic News Gathering engineer @ NBC Memphis, did video editing, wrote children’s books, worked at Disneyland, wrote, directed & produced videos, and lived my dreams working freelance.  What a blessed life!

I am fortunate to be married to my soul mate, the artist always known as Yakovetic.  He sculpts, paints, sews, cooks and enables me to be all that I can be.  Yes, I will keep him!  Our handsome son, Pierce, is a runner, a musician, and a budding film aficionado.  Pierce has a wry whit that makes him one of the funniest guys on the planet – he just doesn’t know it yet.

In 2013, I began searching for jobs on line only to realize that I was “out of the loop” when it came to cutting edge technology.  In January, I enrolled at Cerritos College where I’m learning to Tweet, blog, LIKE, produce radio programs, Photoshop, and post media to the web with the best of them.  I’m an old dog learning new tricks and I LOVE it!

I look forward to sharing my passion for music, film, television and art in my posts.  Be aware that I will comment on socio-political, environmental, and investigative issues, as well as anything else that rattles my cage.  I think you will enjoy links to posts by my interesting friends and colleagues, along with photos and media from my past, present and my exciting future.

Join me as I head toward the event horizon of this ever changing world in which we live.

Okay, everybody…here we GOOOO!

Contact:    Twitter:  @miami_samii         FaceBook:   Samii Taylor Ent.


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