Portfolio Potpourri

Thank you for viewing my online digital portfolio.  I hope you enjoy your visit.  Please check back from time-to-time for my content updates.

The projects viewed here will offer a variety of my interests and showcase my abilities in writing, recording, photographing, videotaping, and editing multimedia productions.  I am proficient in a variety of multimedia production software, and can post content across multiple social media platforms.  My main interest is in creating original content in a variety of genres.  I especially enjoy interviewing people and finding their unique story, then bringing it to light as a part of our global living history.  Frankly, my dear, I love weaving a great story anytime, anywhere.


Build A Better Burger was an open assignment with no specific subject matter required.  The concept is original and utilizes content photos from various free photo sites on the web.


Gary Numan CD review composition, song posted through Soundcloud.


My photographic section features architecture and organics found on the Cerritos College campus in Norwalk, California, as well as the Professional Dancers’ Society Gypsy Robe.


Morgan Brittany – I interviewed Brittany before her performance of The Lincoln Portrait with the La Mirada Symphony in La Mirada, California.  Content for both podcasts was recorded by me, then edited in Garageband, as required by assignment.

Opinion – content was written and/or recorded by me, then edited in Garageband, as  required by assignment.


All photos were shot by me on either a Sony NX30 video camera using Photo Mode or on my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone.



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