When I started this blog, I never dreamed that I would be too busy to write it. I thought I could check in every week and drop a pearl of wisdom or at least a pebble of insight that would encourage you to “Get going!” and “Hang in there!” or at least “Switch off the tube!”

After roughly 60 days, I find the homework quotient to educate this old dog is somewhat overwhelming. Having never been a full time student, I had no idea how much studying and paperwork was involved. I thought I was organized and committed – this would be a piece of cake. Reality check!

I feel guilty about struggling to keep up the pace. I rise at 4 a.m. and go to bed at 11:30 p.m., I only nap Monday afternoons for an hour, and I have missed so many episodes of Big Bang Theory, I feel estranged from the gang. My TV experience now involves catching up on Fallon’s Hashtag Wednesdays and reviewing global news. A Tweet or retweet may be included, but don’t count on it.

I wondered if this is worth the effort. I wondered if I could go a full four years.

One of my original questions was whether I am relevant in this generation, do I have anything to say worth hearing. I was on the verge of issuing a resounding, “No!” However, a friend suggested that perhaps I was here to help change the way others look at the world, no matter how skewed my perspective may be.

During my second debate in Radio & TV class, I was gifted with an unanticipated occurrence. I was opposed to “free Wi-Fi for all” based on security issues and the possibility of government censorship/takeover. When I finished my dissertation, a classmate said that my reasons for opposition were something he had never thought about, that I had given him a new perspective on several issues. Others agreed with him.

I was humbled to think that, whether or not they agreed with my position, at least my classmates had begun to think outside the cage. That is a very good thing, indeed


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