SAMII’S MIAMI – Blast from the Past

I grew up in Ft. Wayne, Indiana – a beautiful farming community at the junction of three rivers. I loved the green of spring, the bounty of summer harvest, the crisp Autumn breezes… and I loathed the freezing cold winters. Folks, I lived my entire childhood dreaming of sitting on a dock in Miami Beach, Florida. It was warm there. It was sunny there. The breezes were tropical there. I knew that if I could just make it to Miami, I would be happy forever.

In January 1977, I got the chance to go to University of Miami to take audio classes. I sold everything I owned and drove my little Gremlin as fast as I could to Miami. Did I mention it was 15 degrees below zero with a -45 degree windchill the day I left the Fort? Well, let me tell you, my first day in Coral Gables was beautiful. The sun was shining, the breeze was blowing, and it was the coldest it had been in South Florida in decades. Yep, I was freezing. It mattered not because I was in Miami. Who am I kidding, I WAS FREEZING IN MIAMI! Fortunately, things got better, ie. warmer. I spent four wonderful years living my dreams of being an audio engineer and sitting on a dock in the warmth that is Miami Beach. I hope you enjoy this map of some of my favorite places in the sun.


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