La Mirada Symphony Hosts Morgan Brittany

The La Mirada Symphony Orchestra recently hosted actress Morgan Brittany for a unique presentation of the “Lincoln Portrait” by Aaron Copland. Under the direction of Conductor Robert Frelly, Brittany read narration for the piece, which features excerpts of Abraham Lincoln’s great documents, speeches and letters, including the Gettysburg Address.

“When my friend, Joe Yakovetic, asked if I would be interested in performing the narration,” said Brittany, “I looked it up on YouTube.” The highly patriotic piece has been performed by Henry Fonda and Kathrine Hepburn, among others. “America. Abraham Lincoln. How could I not be involved?”

Brittany, who played Katherine Wentworth on “Dallas,” is politically active and has high hopes for the future of America. As a member of the “Politichicks” alternative news program, she has her finger on the pulse of America. Brittany and the other “Chicks” are currently working on a book entitled “What Women Want.” “The political system can be very confusing,” she stated. “I just want to help women understand it all so they can be more involved.”

“Lincoln Portrait” was originally composed by Copland as part of the World War II patriotic war effort in 1942. Brittany, Frelly and the symphony received a standing ovation from a capacity house at the La Mirada Theatre Performing Arts. The performance is part of Symphony’s “Sunday’s with Music” series.  All performances are free, with a suggested donation of five dollars.

Photo Story of Morgan Brittany


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