People and dogs are victims of the massive Sochi Olympic gentrification.  Gentrification: renovation of houses/stores in deteriorated urban areas, often displacing low-income families and small businesses.

The Olympic renovation program has a total disregard for the lives it disrupted. Reports indicate Sochi was no Miami Beach before the Olympic $$ nod. Now it sounds even closer to hell. Before Olympic construction, residents had power outages, decaying apartment blocks, no running water, no sewers.  Today, they have all that and sinking homes, stinking air, contaminated water.  All the result of construction dumping.  All in the name of the Olympics.

The stray dogs of Sochi are pets/working dogs abandoned by owners whose homes and farms were leveled for Olympic progress.  People were relocated to apartment complexes – no dogs or only small dogs allowed. Countless dogs are left without the human companionship they knew.

We ignored a South China Morning Post article about the reality behind this Olympic scheme. Is it right to tear down an apartment house outhouse to put in a road?  The NY Times post poses the question: is it right to murder innocent pets after owners are relocated by the government?

If civilized countries truly support the rights of humans & animals, then boycott Olympic games hosted in countries who don’t provide citizens with basic human necessities. The Olympic Committee must amend the charter to prevent countries with poor human rights records from even being considered as hosts.

Beijing and Sochi are now shining examples of what happens to “the little people” when the Games come to town.  Stop trading human dignity for dollars!


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